Documenting my baking and cafe hopping adventures, and sharing my love of the pastry arts

Its the final stretch for my graphic design program, and I’ve been just stuck in front of my computer doing more work. 

In Pastel news: I recently made a whole ton of new flyers for my baking business, and plan on distributing them around my neighbourhood, in the hopes of attracting more business and ultimately, cake orders! I’m going on a three week long trip to Prague and Krakow in September, and could really use some extra cash! Here’s hoping I’ll be able to gain some orders and not have to take a depressing job at the local Second Cup (my last place of employment, unfortunately). 

Also a shot of a blueberry crisp that was recently served for some guests: more delicious than it looks!

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So I’ve been modeling some vintage dresses from my closet that I intend to sell, because I really have too many. This is a joint effort with my mom. Still searching for the right name, seems like everything is taken these days, damn etsy sellers! 

Anyhow, also wanted to point out the cookie box that I made for my graphic design box packaging class! I will try and get some close up product shots of it later. 

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Introducing the Popsicle Project!

I recently bought a popsicle mold at my local grocery store, and have become immediately obsessed with concocting various smoothie type drinks and freezing them. The two hour or so wait is so worth it – you end up with a boutique worthy popsicle that is both healthy and delicious. As my obsession continues, I’ve decided to start up what I’ve named the Popsicle Project – a different exciting popsicle flavour for everyday. (or nearly everyday; I’m a procrastinator and can’t make such intense promises). So far I’ve made a strawberry guava popsicle and lemonade popsicle. Both highly delicious. 

Staging and photography is also playing a big part in this project; I want my photos to look zine-ready! As this might potentially turn into a cute little zine, once I have time to do more personal projects after school. 

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Getting the hang of css more and more… oh, and beginning to grasp jquery as well! 


A few days ago, I made the same lemon tart for a party my mom went to. I had extra ingredients left over and decided to make mini tartlets as well. Here are some outtakes. 

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So this was the most delicious thing of my life – homemade lemon tart. I think I’ve had about 6 slices of it today… and the majority of it is gone. In one sitting. 

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So this is quite the change from what I normally make and post about… 

Savoury tarts! 

I helped my mom out in the kitchen the other day, making these delicious tarts for a get together. Using the same pastry crust for both, we make a portobello mushroom tart and leek tart; both packed to the brim with an assortment of cheese (mozzarella, goat cheese, bocconcini.. )

While I doubt I’ll have savoury options once I do open my pastry shop, I still loved making these. I’m not much of a cook, but the recipe for these tarts read like a dessert recipe; it was very simple to follow! If I ever do make more savoury things, I will throw them up on the blog!

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What’s better than going to an antique store? 

Having a bunch of beautiful dainty items lovingly given to you for free, from a special someone. My boyfriend’s family inherited a bunch of porcelain (among other things) from his grandfather’s estate, and because of the amount of objects, they kindly asked if I’d be interested in taking a few things. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity (and perhaps took even too much). So now I am that much ‘richer’… in the possession of vintage teacups, that is. Above are some snapshots of my new wares, and how I finally managed to display them all. I think that I’m quite ready to start up that cafe, don’t you? 

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Blueberry cheesecake bars – this is my current bad habit/guilty pleasure. Why is it a bad habit? Because I can eat eight of the bars pictured above in a day… and that is a tad alarming. But they really are THAT good. 

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