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Besides churning out cheesecakes (and eating the majority of them), and studying for school, I’ve been looking to some inspiration both online and offline. I found some really pretty inspirational decor shots in a borrowed library book on interior decorating. I can’t stop wishing upon this sort of romantic cottage lifestyle- a yard brimming with flowers, antique patio furniture… the interior outfitted in faded loveseats with embroidered throw pillows, a chipped table laden with flower arrangements in vintage pitchers… And what about a roadside rose business? The quaintest photo/idea of them all!!! 

I just am hoping spring will hurry up and make everything bloom, so that I can get to work crafting a similar ‘romantic chic’ living situation with what I’ve got. 

Here is an ultra decadent, sweet, mouth watering citrus-orange cheesecake, decorated with orange slices. Heavy in weight, heavy in flavour- one slice and your sweeth tooth will be taken care of for an entire week!

Hello all, 

so this is what has been happening in the world of Pastel Macaron lately: I am back at school, (second school since finishing up my undergrad last year, how keen am I?!) doing an accelerated graphic design for print and web program at Humber College in Toronto. Its a full time, very fast paced, very tiring courseload; so it leaves me little time for anything other then eating and sleeping… and commuting to and from school. :( I realize I’ve rarely been blogging these days, just slapping together some photo posts and sending them on their way into the tumblrsphere…but hopefully if I pace myself and learn to manage my time, I’ll be able to type a blurb or two that’ll be longer then a sentence. Here’s hoping, ahah. 

Here’s a little instagram collection of photos from this past month: Toronto suffered another disgusting unprecedented snowstorm, in mid March, which is just pure cruelty at this point. Since then the weather has calmed considerably, and we had our first real spring-like day today. It’s been a welcome change. Other then that- I’ve been binge eating croissants, enlivening my room with bouquets of flowers, thrifting, and documenting dreamy houses. I bought translucent icy blue teacups and saucers at a local thrift store, and am overly excited to use them for hot tea on slightly windy patio days… I have a thing for drinking tea in clear glasses! Also this house… I finally managed to take a snapshot of it today while on a walk around town- I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time, and have always dreamed of starting up a little roadside patisserie in it, I feel like it would be an ideal fit! One day…. all this will come true I hope :) 

Til then, 

Pastel Macaron. 

I’m learning css! Of course all my website exercises will be pastry related… 

I’m learning css! Of course all my website exercises will be pastry related… 

Some quick almond meringues that I whipped up not too long ago. 

I made some pastries for a new downtown gallery's first opening, of which I was also part of as an artist. I made lemon flavoured cake balls, and rose flavoured meringues. 

Check out the gallery’s link above for more artist information! 

Found a beautiful book at Chapters about Paris, and felt the urge to document it in photos. The book is full of gorgeous photos of cafe treats, architectural details, vintage patisserie signs, dried roses… just all around visual poetry. 

I had a cake order for this weekend, and behold! This is what I made: a three layer chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling, rose tinted buttercream frosting and topped with chocolate ganache drizzled raspberries with white fondant flower decoration. 

My cake orders are few and far between, (mostly because I’m back in school now and don’t really have time to take on orders) but I am really proud with how this cake turned out. The beginning of this cake making project began catastrophically, actually- I was initially to design a cake with chocolate ganache drips down the side, similar to a cake I made at pastry arts school. However, the pairing with swiss meringue buttercream didn’t seem to work… pouring piping hot chocolate ganache onto the masked cake just made everything slide off. I scraped everything off and began again, churning up thicker spreadable frosting and waiting until the ganache cooled for a drizzle effect onto the fruit topping. Goes to show that giving up isn’t ever an option! 

On my way to an art show I’m part of, laden with some pastel pastries!

Who says you can’t jazz up madeleine cookies? I diagonally dipped them into some pastel coloured white chocolate candy melts, and topped with a lavender coloured fondant flower. The final effect is too pretty to eat! I’ve also been attempting to stylize my photos in different ways, using a bigger variety of props. I’m surprised that it took me this long to consider using book covers as background material for my product shots. This lovely coffee table book on Alphonse Mucha works perfectly with my chosen subject matter, ah! Also really loving the patterned interior of yet another baking book in my collection, pictured in the first photo. 

And I think I’ll start including my Facebook link at the bottom of each of my posts, so as to entice people to actually go and like my page, I would really appreciate it and love you lots if you did! <3